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Articles on Government and Politics (sorted by date)
Ukraine 2022 (2022-01-27)
How Will the Present Ukraine Crisis End?
Afghan Peace (2021-08-20)
Accidental Peace and How to Make it Last?
Cold War 2? (2021-06-20)
Cold War - what it was and is it now?
Biden on Palestine (2021-05-24)
Can Palestinian Statehood End the ME Conflict?
Gaza Responsibility (2021-05-15)
Who Is Responsible for the Middle East Violence?
Biden What Next? (2021-04-27)
What is America Back to under Biden?
Covid-19 Opportunities (2020-04-04)
Is Covid-19 Disaster or Opportunity?
Is the Trump ME Plan Good for US? (2020-02-02)
Will the Trump Peace Plan End the Conflict?
Justice for Palestine (2019-07-06)
Obstacles to Peace in Palestine and How to Overcome Them
Human Element (2) (2019-07-06)
The Human Element Obstacle to Peace in Palestine (2)
Human Element (1) (2019-07-06)
The Human Element Obstacle to Peace in Palestine (1)
Saving Brexit (2019-04-09)
How EU Can Save Brexit and UK without Cliff Edge
Legalities of Brexit (2018-12-03)
Legal and Logical Fallacies of the Brexit Saga
Error of Judgement (2018-11-21)
Errors of Judgement - Correction and Prevention
Purpose of Sex (2018-08-10)
The Modern Western View of Sex and of its Purpose
President Trump Peace Prize (2018-05-20)
The Way to Donald Trump World Peace
The Way to Middle East Peace Now (2018-08-05)
Directions on Establishing Peace in the Middle East Now
BoBMA Discovered (2018-07-24)
The Discovery of the Bottom Baring Method of Argument
The Way to Middle East Peace Now (2018-05-20)
How and Why to Establish Peace in the Middle East Now
The Way to Peace on the Korean Peninsula Now (2018-05-25)
How and Why to Establish Peace on the Korean Peninsula Now
Lessons of Wars (2018-05-13)
Learning from Thatcher and Putin
North Korea Nukes (2018-04-24)
North Korea Nukes in the Eyes of the Western Media
Syria Action by US/UK/Fr (2018-04-17)
WCJ Comments on "Syria action - UK government legal position"
Government Errors (2017-08-14)
Errors, Apologies and Government
Political Arguments (2017-02-22)
Anatomy of a Political Argument
Stopping Terror in 2017 (2017-01-31)
Ending the Global Chaos of the Bush/Obama Years
Cluelessness (2016-12-28)
Cluelessness in Modern Politics
Amending Article 50? (2016-11-15)
Why UK Must Amend Article 50 and How
May's Brexit (2016-10-24)
Turning Brexit Optimism into Certainty
Brexit Why (2016-10-20)
Brexit - the Reasons and the Purpose
Single Market and Brexit (2016-10-15)
EU "Single Market" and "Soft" and "Hard" Brexits
Brexit Negotiations (2016-10-13)
Who Should Have Say in the Brexit Negotiations
Brexit How? (2016-09-16)
Sample Notice to Terminate Membership of the EU
Brexit Deal (2016-09-05)
Brexit Deal and the Life After
Brexit When? (2016-08-18)
The Earliest Date of the UK Leaving the EU
Donald Trump and Islam (2016-08-14)
Is Donald Trump an Enemy of Islam?
Can Trump Save US? (2016-08-11)
Can Donald Trump Save the USA and the World?
Brexit Mess (2016-08-05)
Brexit Mess - How to Sort It Out
Brexit Uncertainties (2016-07-19)
Brexit Uncertainties and How to Remove Them
Making Sense of Brexit (2016-07-03)
The Practical Consequences of UK Leaving the EU
Morality: Past & Present (2016-07-01)
Morality: from its Origin to the Present Day
Religious Differences (2016-07-01)
Why Religious Differences and How to Resolve Them
Obama on Destroying IS (2015-12-07)
Comments on President Obama's Presidential Address on Destroying IS
Yemen War Answers (2015-06-08)
Response to Yemen War Questions from a Yemeni Private Person
Yemen War Questions (2) (2015-06-04)
Yemen War Questions from a Yemeni Private Person (2)
Images of the Yemen War (2015-06-04)
Images of the Yemen War from a Yemeni Private Person
Yemen War Questions (1) (2015-05-28)
Yemen War Questions from a Yemeni Private Person (1)
The Politics of National Values (2015-04-06)
Are British Values Incompatible with Islamic Values?
Why Ukraine and What Next? (2015-02-11)
The Problem of Ukraine, and How to Solve it
Are the War-on-Terror Wars Over? (2014-12-31)
Is the NATO Withdrawal from Afghanistan the End of the War-on-Terror?
Faking IS and Altruism (2014-10-09)
IS a psy-op? Ebola a hoax? Altruism fake?
Can the US defeat the IS? (2014-09-26)
Can the US war against IS bring peace to the world?
Why Gaza Violence Again and What Next? (2014-07-16)
Why Kerry's Secret Talks Failed and What Will Work
Why Crimea and What Next? (2014-04-08)
The Russian "Foreign Policy" and the West
Response to President Obama re: Syria (2013-09-12)
Response to President Obama's Message on Syria
The Victims of 9/11 (2001-2013) (2013-09-09)
The Victims of the War on Terror (2001-2013) - and Still Counting ...
Forces of Good and Evil (2013-05-31)
Are the Taliban a Force for Good in the World?
British Courts Reform (2013-05-30)
Should the British Law Courts be Privatised?
Can Obama Win? (2012-10-19)
How Obama Can Win the 2012 Elections with a Landslide
Can Mitt Romney Win? (2012-06-12)
How Mitt Romney Can Win the 2012 Elections with a Landslide
Stopping Zionism (2012-06-08)
Can Zionism be Stopped and How?
Why Palestinian State (2012-05-08)
Who Invented the Palestinian State and Why
Anti-Semitism (2012-05-07)
Anti-Semitism - Old, New, and the One to Come
Collapse of Communism - Lessons for Today and Tomorrow (2012-04-12)
Why Communism Collapsed and Why It Lasted So Long
The Friends and Enemies of Israel (2012-03-21)
Are the Friends of Israel its Real Enemies?
The Meaning of Illegal (2012-01-20)
The Meaning of Illegal and the Missing Law
Iran War and the Days After (2012-01-16)
Why the West Wants to Attack Iran and What this Attack will Achieve
Iran Withdrawal from NPT (2012-01-06)
Why Iran Should Withdraw from the NPT and How
Islamic Government (2011-12-23)
Are Islamic Governments Dangerous?
Is Homosexuality Good or Bad? (2011-12-21)
The Morality of Homosexuality, War on Terror, and Foreign Aid
Own Goal (2011-10-16)
The Losers and Winners of the Iran Plot Affair
American Isolation (2011-10-04)
The Two-State Solution and American Isolation
Why the British Riots? (2011-08-10)
The British Riots, the Libyan War, and the High Moral Ground
Paedophilia in Islam (2011-07-22)
The Difference between Paedophilia and Early Marriage
Why They Hate Islam (2011-07-17)
Is the Spread of Islam Threatening the Western Civilization?
From New Labour to New Politics (2010-05-25)
Is the New Politics Coalition the End of the Win-Lose Cycle?
Cleaning Up Politics and the Elections (2010-03-11)
With the British Elections Approaching Politicians Promise to Clean Up Politics
Gordon Brown and the Elections (2010-03-11)
The Lessons of the Iraq War Inquiry So Far, and their Impact on the Looming British Elections
Preventing Hung Parliament (2010-02-22)
Why Hung Parliament and How to Avoid It
Talking to the Taliban (2010-02-07)
Talks in the Present Afghan War and What Can They Achieve
Why to Stop Islam (2009-12-27)
A Dialogue on Islam, Terrorism, Prophesy, Christianity and Human Nature
The Gay, the Straight, and the Potty-Trained (2009-10-26)
Early-Age Attractions, the Essence of Sin and Virtue, and the Dialogue of Religions
Gambling in Games, Business, Wars, and Politics (2009-10-05)
Insights into a Gambler's Mind
Arithmetic and Vocabulary of Wars (2009-09-06)
When 200 is Greater than 383,700
Questions for the Iraq War Inquiry Team (2009-08-14)
How to Avoid Another Whitewash
Obama and the Middle East Conflict (2009-08-13)
Obama's Attempts to Solve the Middle East Conflict
Who Won the Iran Elections? (2009-06-22)
Logical Proof v. Political Violence
Iraq War Inquiry (2009-06-17)
Is an Iraq War inquiry necessary, and will it save Gordon Brown?
Government Advisers and Spin Doctors (2009-04-16)
The Differences between Government Advisers and Spin Doctors and an Advice to Gordon Brown relating to the McBride Affair
Obama's Afghan Politics (2009-03-09)
The Reasons and Consequences of Obama's Afghan Surge
Solving Israel Palestinian Conflict in 2009 (2009-01-27)
Can George Mitchell and Obama Succeed, and How?
Wars of Civilizations (2009-01-14)
Wars of Civilizations ... or What?
Gaza Protests, Reactions, Solution (2009-01-08)
Most people react to current events ... But what's the solution?
Moving On from the Blair Wars (2008-05-25)
Can the Labour Party Win the Next Elections without a Nuremberg?
A Strawman Fallacy (2007-11-18)
An Example of the Strawman Fallacy Argument and of How to Deal with It.
Proclaiming Wars (2007-07-05)
Who Should Have the Right to Proclaim Wars.
People Power (2007-06-24)
Can People Power Cure Democracy?
Will Brown Succeed Where Blair Failed? (2007-05-25)
Will Gordon Brown succeed in making the British Government truly honest, responsible and accountable?
Are Results of Wars Predictable? (2006-12-31)
The new American Secretary of Defence has made an interesting observation, saying that once a war is started, its outcome becomes unpredictable ...
Litvinenko - Another Victim of Politics (2006-11-26)
War on Terror and the Litvinenko Affair.
Is the Saddam Hussain Verdict Just? (2006-11-06)
Resolving the argument about the verdict of Saddam Hussain ... mathematically.
Jack Straw and the Veil (2006-10-08)
Does Jack Straw know what is good for him?
The Arithmetic of the Afghan War (2006-08-20)
How Many Troops are Needed to Win the Afghan War?
The Real Issue in the de Menezes Case (2006-07-22)
Who's to Blame for the Killing of de Mensezes?
The Real Issue in the Forest Gate Case (2006-06-18)
The changes in the role of the British Police.
The Wig, the Shoe, and Mathematics (2005-08-22)
The politics of stunt and mathematical logic.
Secret Trials (2005-08-18)
Tony Blair is calling for secret trials ... Why?
Treason, Terrorism and Tony Blair (2005-08-08)
Are terrorists and Tony Blair guilty of treason?
Police Suspect Detention Time (2005-08-07)
Why the time limit for detention of suspects by the police should be extended and with what safeguards
Crimes and War Crimes (2005-07-23)
The difference between war crimes and crimes committed by military personnel
Blair Argument (2005-07-22)
The differences between political argument and logical argument
Why London Bombs (2005-07-15)
Understanding the Appalling Vista Syndrome
Elections Apathy (2005-04-28)
Is the British electorate really apathetic?
The Middle East Settlement 2005 (2005-01-03)
Is peace in the Middle East still possible ...
Impartiality (2004-12-18)
Illustrating impartiality ...
Pacifying Iraq (2004-11-30)
Does Iraq need an elections, and of what kind ...
Tyranny, Despotism, Democracy and Rule of Law (2004-11-09)
A look at the current trends in modern government.
Should the British Conservatives Hurry? (2004-10-10)
There have been some signs of revival of the British Conservatives, but should they hurry ...
Prisons - Do They Work? (2004-10-07)
Politicians are talking about prisons, but how do they work, and what are the alternatives ...
Blair Apology and Punishment (2004-09-29)
Is Tony Blair's apology good enough, and how to punish him for his crimes?
Three Years of Wars and Terror - What Next? (2004-09-10)
What will stop the escalating cycle of wars and terror, and when ...
US Iraq Opportunity (2004-08-14)
A happy ending to the Iraq War - will the US seize the chance?
Graffiti - Art or Crime? (2004-08-13)
The politicals want to crack down on graffiti ... But what is graffiti?
Playing by the Rules (2004-08-09)
Tony Blair accepts the need to play by the rules ... What next?
Opinions, Convictions, and Reality (2004-07-15)
Finding the guilty party between the lines of the Butler Report.
Iraq Handover - What Next? (2004-06-29)
Why the Iraq handover has not stopped the differences over the war.
Should Blair Listen and Obey? (2004-06-16)
Tony Blair is accused of not listening, but is this the real problem?
Getting the Job Done in Iraq (2004-06-02)
Completing the Job in Iraq, and Keeping George Bush and Tony Blair in Office.
Can the UN Stabilize Iraq? Or can the US? (2004-05-20)
How the US can legitimize their presence in Iraq and stabilize it.
Use of Torture in the War on Terror (2004-05-09)
Use of torture for political purposes is not new, but now torture has a special flavour ... Why?
Who is Fighting the US in Iraq? (2004-04-30)
Identifying the enemy in wars and sending the right signals ...
Why Islam and Why Deaths in Spain? (2004-03-16)
Why Islam exists and when will the violence finish ...
The Rise of the British Fuehrer? (2004-03-07)
Has Tony Blair changed the British Constitution?
The Resigning Game and Should Blair Quit? (2004-02-09)
The BBC bosses resigned and some say Blair should ... but what are resignations?
Will Cannibalism Become Socially Acceptable? (2004-02-01)
A recent case of cannibalism in Europe has raised some disgust. But for how long?
Was the Hutton Report a Whitewash? (2004-01-30)
Why people say that the Hutton Report is a "whitewash", and is this true?
Understanding the Muslim Hijab (2004-01-18)
Not only the French Government, but most Muslims do not understand the purpose of the hijab ... We consider this issue again ...
What Michael Howard Beliefs are Worth? (2004-01-07)
Do Michael Howard's beliefs qualify him for the post of the British Prime Minister?
Islamic Trends in US and British Governments (2003-12-22)
Some Islamic trends in US and British government policies ...
The Trial of Saddam Hussain (2003-12-16)
Saddam Hussain has been captured by the Americans and is to be put on trial ...
Turning the Other Cheek (2003-11-25)
How Turning the Other Cheek can be successful and where it fails ...
Understanding Democracy (2003-11-22)
Democracy in government and decision-making.
Can the British Conservatives Rise back from the Ashes? (2003-10-30)
How can the British conservatives become a party of government?
Why Terrorists Die Smiling? (2003-08-11)
Understanding the philosopy of the bomb.
Resolving Conflict Between Religion and Politics (2003-07-27)
Answering the question: "What are the possibilities for resolving conflict between religion and politics?"
Crisis of Blairism or Crisis of Politics? (2003-07-15)
Blairism - what it is and where it will lead.
Why Did They Die in Iraq? (2003-06-26)
British soldiers were killed in Iraq and the British politicians are asking - Why?
Taxing the Rich and Understanding Social Justice (2003-06-25)
Can taxing the rich make us all better off?
The Secret of Saddam's WMD and Establishing Trust in Government (2003-06-09)
Has the British public been mislead by Tony Blair? ... and Trusting Government.
National Sovereignty - Who Needs It? (2003-05-26)
With the emergence of multi-national entities, like the European Union, and the American War on Terror some people bemoan the loss of sovereignty by nation states ...
Judeo-Christian (Christeo-Judean) Tradition and Islam (2003-05-14)
The idea of a Judeo-Christian Tradition has been in fashion for some time ... But what is ... ?
Will the USA Become an Islamic State, Now That Saddam is Gone? (2003-05-01)
With the speculations about the possibility of an Islamic State in Iraq, it is time to ask ...
Who Will Govern Iraq and Does It Matter? (2003-04-17)
Who Will Govern Iraq - US, UN, an Iraqi, Sunni, Shia, Kurd - and does it Matter?
Governing Iraq and Governing the World (2003-04-10)
With the government of Saddam Hussain destroyed who will govern Iraq and who will govern the World?
False Moral Equivalence (2003-04-08)
Understanding the doctrine of False Moral Equivalence.
Who protects tyrants and incites wars? (2003-04-06)
We received an article saying that pacifists protect tyrants and incite wars. We comment on it.
Can the Iraq War be Stopped Now? (2003-04-01)
How the Iraq war can be stopped now without embarrassing Bush and Blair.
Patterns of Crimes and Politics, and the Way to Victory (2003-03-30)
Behavioural patterns in the War on Terror in Afghanistan and Iraq, and how the US could have won the war.
Understanding Protests (2003-03-28)
Protests - what are they, and when are they justified?
British Children to be Sodomized at School at Taxpayers Expense - Why? (2003-03-19)
The duties of government ... and was Section 28 necessary?
Legitimacy of Governments (2003-03-18)
An overview of methods and techniques used by governments to justify their powers and actions.
Patriotism and the Love of Wars (2003-03-16)
With the opposition to the American war against Iraq growing in Britain and the US, will it change into patriotism, once the war begins? And ... what is patriotism, anyway?
How Tony Blair Got Caught in His Own Trap and How to Get out of It (2003-03-12)
How Tony Blair can get out of his self-made Iraq War predicament.
Individual Freedom and the Duty to Educate (2003-02-24)
The dialogue reflecting different views of freedom and morality continues ...
Blair Hypocrisy and the Way to Greatness (2003-02-22)
Tony Blair went to see the Pope to convince him of the morality of his war against Iraq ... and how Tony can achieve Greatness ...
The Moral Stance of Tony Blair on the Iraq War (2003-02-19)
Having failed to justify the American War against Iraq on the grounds of disarmament Tony Blair turned to morality ... and has failed again ... Why?
Can the Liberals Form the Next British Government? (2003-02-17)
With the continuous loss of credibility by the Blair government and the self-destruction of the Conservatives, the question arises ...
Osama and Omar Speak Again and Panic Grips London and New York - What Next? (2003-02-13)
With the War on Terror heating up from every side, where will it all take Mankind ...
Homosexuality - Crime, Sin, Mental Illness, Inborn Abnormality or Alternative Lifestyle? (2003-01-08)
Explanation of homosexuality from prime principles in historical and political setting.
Games Politicians Play (2003-02-10)
Most people do not behave in a sincere straight-forward way, but play games ... an insight in gamy behaviour in modern politics.
The Sincerity of Lying by Politicians and Learning to Discover the Truth (2003-02-09)
On sincerity and lies of politicians, and the ways of not becoming their victim ... and the traditional Blair dossiers ...
Tony Blair Politics for 2003 (2003-01-05)
Tony Blair politics for 2003 on Iraq, Palestine, and War on Terror used to illustrate the differences between politics and government.
Church and State in Islam (2003-01-03)
... the current preoccupation by European and American experts and politicians with the issue of Church and State in Islam ... . But what is Church and State in Islam?
Trusting Government, Trusting Politicians, and the Cherie Blair Affair (2002-12-16)
Trusting government as an institution in the 21st century.
How to Resolve the British Fire Dispute (2002-11-24)
The solution to the problem to the current Fire Strike is obvious, but all the parties concerned cannot see it ...
Fire Strike, Pickets, Blair Vision and Respect for Property (2002-11-22)
Examining the rights and wrongs of the fire-fighters dispute using the tools of truth, honesty and justice.
Who Owns the Politicians? (2002-11-20)
Are 'our politicians' really ours? Exploring the demagogical usage of 'we'.
Unemployment and Worklessness - Life Cycle of a Political Myth (2002-11-07)
The British government are re-branding "unemployment" as "worklessness" - is this the end of another political myth?
Homosexual Marriages - Modernity or Peak of Absurdity? (2002-11-06)
A closer look at the issue of adoption of children by homosexual couples from prime principles.
Spinning Another War? (2002-09-06)
Now that Bush and Blair are seeking to sell the World another War, it is time to examine their selling techniques ... .
House Prices and the Politics of Housing (2002-08-15)
With the house prices going through the roof, politicians
The Rights and Wrongs of the Trade Unions (2002-07-24)
The British trade unions are again in the news, and so are "strikes", "trade union powers", and something called "industrial relations" ... But what are ...?
Definition of Terrorism (2002-07-14)
The word 'terrorism' defined non-politically.
The Politics of Pensions (2002-07-12)
Pensions are again in the news in Britain ...
Education - Public or Private? (2002-07-05)
There is much fuss in the media about private tuition, but the real issue is ...
Asylum, Immigration and Freedom of Movement (2002-05-25)
Asylum and immigration problems and solutions ...
Right v Left or Right v Wrong? (2002-04-25)
The turmoil in France at the electoral success of Jean-Marie Le Pen was echoed in Britain and all over Europe. The reason for the turmoil is that Le Pen is described as "far-right", while most other governments in Europe are described as "left", "center-left", "center", or "center-right" ...
Should the Immigrants "Integrate"? (2002-04-24)
Riots in the North of England, and the anti-Muslim hysteria whipped up as part of the "War on Terror" campaign pushed the question of "integration" of the immigrants into the British Culture onto the 'political' agenda. And now with the electoral panic in France the issue is even more in the news ...
Education - Success or Failure? (2002-04-24)
Tony Blair says that his education policies have been successful. I do not know what are his criteria of success ...
The War for Peace? (2002-04-21)
Can "War on Terror" bring peace? Yes, it can. But not in the way intended by those who wage it ...
Who Creates Social Problems and Why? (2002-04-17)
'Social problems' are back in fashion! Now, it is the Conservative Party who seek to get hold of that safety buoy ...
Funding Politics in Britain? (2002-04-17)
Politicians want the British public to finance their party politics from taxes ...
Raising the Standards of Politics? (2002-03-19)
In connection with recent preoccupation with sleaze in Britain a journalist wrote an article in a British national daily entitled: "Raising the Standards of Politics in Britain". But is such thing possible?
Understanding the 'Isms' (2002-03-19)
Socialism, Capitalism, Islamism ... keep busy human minds and mouths, but what is the essence of them all? ...
Private and Public (2002-02-04)
The arguments about 'public' and 'private' dominated much of the 20th century and there is still no clarity what should be 'public' and what should be 'private' ...
Government without Politics (2002-02-04)
Political government has been with us for so long that most people don't know the difference between 'politics' and 'government' ...
World Role for Britain and Blair (2002-02-04)
Tony Blair wants a world role for Britain and himself. But is he the man for the job? And what is that job?
The Veil and the Plight of the Unveiled Woman (2002-01-14)
Why do Muslim women cover their heads, faces and bodies?
War on Terror (2001-12-20)
The Afghan war has not ended terrorism. Can a war do it, and if not, then what could?
Justice through the Ages (2001-12-12)
An overview of the evolution of administration of justice from tribal chiefs to independent courts, to the modern politicized justice, and to the formalized abstract justice of the World Court of Justice.
How to Stop Terrorism (2001-10-16)
How George Bush could have stopped terrorism following the events
Why the World Court of Justice (2001-10-16)
The motivation for the World Court of Justice.

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