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Issues in World Government - Middle East

Articles on the Middle East Conflict (sorted alphabetically)
A War on Iraq. Why Now? (2002-11-14)
Bush and Blair are still on course for a war with Iraq. But why now?
Afghan Peace (2021-08-20)
Accidental Peace and How to Make it Last?
American Isolation (2011-10-04)
The Two-State Solution and American Isolation
Anti-Semitism (2012-05-07)
Anti-Semitism - Old, New, and the One to Come
Are the War-on-Terror Wars Over? (2014-12-31)
Is the NATO Withdrawal from Afghanistan the End of the War-on-Terror?
Biden on Palestine (2021-05-24)
Can Palestinian Statehood End the ME Conflict?
Blair Argument (2005-07-22)
The differences between political argument and logical argument
Can a Reform of the Palestinian Authority Stop Violence in Palestine? And What Will? (2003-01-14)
The Tony Blair conference on a reform of the Palestinian Authority in London raises the question: "Can a reform of the Palestinian Authority resolve the Middle East Conflict?" To answer this question one needs to consider ...
Can Mitt Romney Win? (2012-06-12)
How Mitt Romney Can Win the 2012 Elections with a Landslide
Can Obama Win? (2012-10-19)
How Obama Can Win the 2012 Elections with a Landslide
Can the Iraq War be Stopped Now? (2003-04-01)
How the Iraq war can be stopped now without embarrassing Bush and Blair.
Can the UN Stabilize Iraq? Or can the US? (2004-05-20)
How the US can legitimize their presence in Iraq and stabilize it.
Can the US defeat the IS? (2014-09-26)
Can the US war against IS bring peace to the world?
Can Trump Save US? (2016-08-11)
Can Donald Trump Save the USA and the World?
Church and State in Islam (2003-01-03)
... the current preoccupation by European and American experts and politicians with the issue of Church and State in Islam ... . But what is Church and State in Islam?
Cold War 2? (2021-06-20)
Cold War - what it was and is it now?
Crimes and War Crimes (2005-07-23)
The difference between war crimes and crimes committed by military personnel
Definition of Terrorism (2002-07-14)
The word 'terrorism' defined non-politically.
Ending Israel-Palestine Conflict (2018-04-27)
WCJ Decision on the Israel-Palestine Conflict
Faking IS and Altruism (2014-10-09)
IS a psy-op? Ebola a hoax? Altruism fake?
Five Years of Wars and Terror and the Safety of Israel (2006-07-25)
The Effect of the War on Terror on the Safety of Israel and How to Make Israel Safe?
Freedom - Can Bush Deliver It? (2005-01-24)
Freedom - what is it? And how to deliver it?
From the Bush Speech to the End of Violence, to the Bush Vision (2002-06-25)
How to stop the Middle East violence and to achieve the Bush Vision.
Games Politicians Play (2003-02-10)
Most people do not behave in a sincere straight-forward way, but play games ... an insight in gamy behaviour in modern politics.
Gaza Responsibility (2021-05-15)
Who Is Responsible for the Middle East Violence?
Gaza Protests, Reactions, Solution (2009-01-08)
Most people react to current events ... But what's the solution?
Getting the Job Done in Iraq (2004-06-02)
Completing the Job in Iraq, and Keeping George Bush and Tony Blair in Office.
Global Closure (2011-05-16)
Global Closure or War on Terror Phase 2?
How Bush Could Have Resolved the Middle East Crisis (2002-04-07)
President Bush's attempt to stop the Middle East crisis has failed. How could he have succeeded ...
How Tony Blair Got Caught in His Own Trap and How to Get out of It (2003-03-12)
How Tony Blair can get out of his self-made Iraq War predicament.
How to Stop Terrorism (2001-10-16)
How George Bush could have stopped terrorism following the events of 11 September 2001.
Human Element (1) (2019-07-06)
The Human Element Obstacle to Peace in Palestine (1)
Human Element (2) (2019-07-06)
The Human Element Obstacle to Peace in Palestine (2)
Images of the Yemen War (2015-06-04)
Images of the Yemen War from a Yemeni Private Person
Iran War and the Days After (2012-01-16)
Why the West Wants to Attack Iran and What this Attack will Achieve
Iran Withdrawal from NPT (2012-01-06)
Why Iran Should Withdraw from the NPT and How
Iraq Handover - What Next? (2004-06-29)
Why the Iraq handover has not stopped the differences over the war.
Is Iran Next? (2003-09-17)
Is war against Iran the next step, or will the War on Terror stop in Iraq?
Is the Saddam Hussain Verdict Just? (2006-11-06)
Resolving the argument about the verdict of Saddam Hussain ... mathematically.
Is the Trump ME Plan Good for US? (2020-02-02)
Will the Trump Peace Plan End the Conflict?
Islamic Government (2011-12-23)
Are Islamic Governments Dangerous?
Justice and the Key People (2003-08-03)
Who are the key people in The World Court of Justice? And can justice depend on key people?
Justice for Palestine (2019-07-06)
Obstacles to Peace in Palestine and How to Overcome Them
Justifying the War on Iraq (2003-02-04)
As the full-scale invasion of Iraq by the American forces is approaching, and the opposition to that war in Europe and the United States is growing, politicians, headed by Tony Blair, seek to justify this war ...
Lawlessness Begets Lawlessness and the Unipolar World Order (2003-05-15)
A blast in Riyadh, a blast in Chechnya, and British bombers in Israel ... can the War on Terror be won?
London Bombs, Iraq War and Dr Shipman (2005-07-13)
Do the London bombs make Iraq War less criminal?
Making the Geneva Accord Work (2003-11-12)
How can the Geneva Accord resolve the issues behind the Middle East conflict ...
Making the Saudi Peace Proposal Work (2002-03-28)
Turning the Saudi Peace Proposal into reality.
Middle East Peace 2007 (2007-04-04)
What are the Middle East Peace prospects in 2007?
Military Intelligence, Political Cunning, Human Stupidity and the Way to Peace in the Middle East (2002-07-25)
How Hamas could make themselves more effective, and resolve the Middle East Conflict.
Negotiations about Talks and Talks about Negotiations (2002-08-12)
The search for peace in the Middle East is continuing, and so is the violence ... Why?
Obama's Afghan Politics (2009-03-09)
The Reasons and Consequences of Obama's Afghan Surge
Obama and the Middle East Conflict (2009-08-13)
Obama's Attempts to Solve the Middle East Conflict
Obama on Destroying IS (2015-12-07)
Comments on President Obama's Presidential Address on Destroying IS
Osama and Omar Speak Again and Panic Grips London and New York - What Next? (2003-02-13)
With the War on Terror heating up from every side, where will it all take Mankind ...
Own Goal (2011-10-16)
The Losers and Winners of the Iran Plot Affair
Pacifying Iraq (2004-11-30)
Does Iraq need an elections, and of what kind ...
Patterns of Crimes and Politics, and the Way to Victory (2003-03-30)
Behavioural patterns in the War on Terror in Afghanistan and Iraq, and how the US could have won the war.
Playing by the Rules (2004-08-09)
Tony Blair accepts the need to play by the rules ... What next?
President Trump Peace Prize (2018-05-20)
The Way to Donald Trump World Peace
Questions to World Leaders (2002-05-10)
Text of the World Court of Justice Questionnaire on resolution of the Middle East conflict sent to Bush and Blair.
Recognizing the Palestinian State (2011-07-29)
Is Recognition of the Palestinian State Useful and Will It Solve the Conflict?
Rejectionism - Whom to Blame for the Roadmap Failure? (2003-06-13)
What is rejectionism, and who is to blame for failure of the Roadmap for Peace in the Middle East.
Response to President Obama re: Syria (2013-09-12)
Response to President Obama's Message on Syria
Roadmap to Solution of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Can it Work? (2003-05-06)
How the Road Map proposals will resolve the issues behind the conflict ...
Should Blair Listen and Obey? (2004-06-16)
Tony Blair is accused of not listening, but is this the real problem?
Solution for the Middle East (2002-03-04)
The upsurge of violence in the Middle East in the wake of the "War on Terror" has prompted politicians to seek solutions to the "Middle East Crisis", but they all ignore the real issue behind the conflict ...
Solving Israel Palestinian Conflict in 2009 (2009-01-27)
Can George Mitchell and Obama Succeed, and How?
Spinning a Third War? (2007-11-19)
How the People of the USA Can Make the World a Safer Place.
Staying the Course in Iraq (2005-07-01)
Is Staying the Course in Iraq the Only Option?
Stopping Middle East Violence Now and Forever (2002-04-30)
In spite of the crisis drawing world attention from every side, there is still no clear understanding of the reasons for continuation of violence ...
Stopping Terror in 2017 (2017-01-31)
Ending the Global Chaos of the Bush/Obama Years
Stopping Zionism (2012-06-08)
Can Zionism be Stopped and How?
Syria Action by US/UK/Fr (2018-04-17)
WCJ Comments on "Syria action - UK government legal position"
The Arithmetic of the Afghan War (2006-08-20)
How Many Troops are Needed to Win the Afghan War?
The Aims of the US Foreign Policy and the Realities of the War on Terror (2002-11-11)
How War on Terror is advancing the aims of the American foreign policy.
The Birth of a Palestinian State, as President Bush has Promised (2003-04-04)
Whenever George Bush wants to attack a country he, or his spokesman Tony Blair, say something about a Palestinian State ... But what is this State?
The Dark Secret of the Life and Death of Abu Nidal (2002-08-25)
Who stood behind the master terrorist Abu Nidal?
The Five Solutions to the Middle East Crisis (2003-02-27)
The Saudi, Netanyahu, Sharon, Bush and Blair Middle East plans compared.
The Friends and Enemies of Israel (2012-03-21)
Are the Friends of Israel its Real Enemies?
The Language of Hamas (2009-01-13)
Are Hamas and Its Language Obstacles to Peace?
The Legal Status of the Displaced Palestinians (2007-12-17)
Clarifying the Legal Status of the "Palestinian Refugees".
The Middle East after the G8 (2005-07-09)
Will the G8 three billions solve the Middle East Conflict?
The Middle East Settlement 2005 (2005-01-03)
Is peace in the Middle East still possible ...
The New Bush-Blair Plan for the Middle East (2007-07-17)
Is the New Bush-Blair Plan for the Middle East Just Another Dream?
The Obstacles to Peace in the Middle East (2002-04-13)
Politicians and experts, who cannot find the way to peace in the Middle East, are caught in the mesh of their own weaving ...
The Origins and Development of the War on Terror Doctrine and its Future Prospects (2002-09-08)
The War on Terror doctrine was conceived long before 9/11. Who is the architect of that doctrine, and where is it going to lead the World.
The Role of the United Nations in the Modern World (2003-02-10)
The Role of the United Nations in the Modern World against the background of the US foreign policy.
The Secret of the Fallujah Resistance (2004-10-24)
The Americans are planning to pacify Fallujah ...
The Sincerity of Lying by Politicians and Learning to Discover the Truth (2003-02-09)
On sincerity and lies of politicians, and the ways of not becoming their victim ... and the traditional Blair dossiers ...
The Storm of Resolve (2015-04-07)
Is the Storm of Resolve Just Another War-on-Terror Operation?
The Two Rights of Return in the Middle East Conflict (2009-05-15)
The Two Rights of Return in the Middle East Conflict and the Two-States Solution
The UN and the US Predicament in Iraq (2003-08-21)
The reasons for the Iraq violence and can the US bring Iraq to normality?
The US Choices in Iraq (2004-04-16)
How can the Americans complete their mission in Iraq ...
The Victims of 9/11 (2001-2013) (2013-09-09)
The Victims of the War on Terror (2001-2013) - and Still Counting ...
The War for Peace? (2002-04-21)
Can "War on Terror" bring peace? Yes, it can. But not in the way intended by those who wage it ...
The Way back to Peace (2002-04-09)
What needs to be done to return to peace in the Middle East after the orgy of violence.
The Way to Middle East Peace Now (2018-08-05)
Directions on Establishing Peace in the Middle East Now
The Way to Peace on the Korean Peninsula Now (2018-05-25)
How and Why to Establish Peace on the Korean Peninsula Now
The Wig, the Shoe, and Mathematics (2005-08-22)
The politics of stunt and mathematical logic.
Tony Blair Politics for 2003 (2003-01-05)
Tony Blair politics for 2003 on Iraq, Palestine, and War on Terror used to illustrate the differences between politics and government.
Understanding Protests (2003-03-28)
Protests - what are they, and when are they justified?
US Greatness (2020-08-14)
US Greatness and the Present Global Order
US Iraq Opportunity (2004-08-14)
A happy ending to the Iraq War - will the US seize the chance?
Use of Torture in the War on Terror (2004-05-09)
Use of torture for political purposes is not new, but now torture has a special flavour ... Why?
War on Terror (2001-12-20)
The Afghan war has not ended terrorism. Can a war do it, and if not, then what could?
Wars of Civilizations (2009-01-14)
Wars of Civilizations ... or What?
WCJ Comments on the Osama bin Laden Message to the American People (November 2002) (2002-12-04)
Osama bin Laden's Message to the American People is one of the most important documents that will affect the life of Mankind in the coming months, years and decades ...
WCJ Comments on President Bush's Speech on Resolving the Middle East Conflict - June 24, 2002 (2002-07-01)
Text of the World Court of Justice Comments on the Speech by G.W. Bush on The Middle East Conflict delivered by him on June 24, 2002 at the White House.
WCJ Comments on the Remarks by G.W. Bush on The Middle East Conflict (2002-06-12)
Text of the World Court of Justice Comments on the Remarks by G.W. Bush on The Middle East Conflict following his meeting with Ariel Sharon on 2002-06-10.
Who Can Stop the War in Palestine (2002-03-30)
The UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan calls on Sharon and Arafat to stop the hostilities. But is he addressing the right people ?
Who has Killed the Middle East Roadmap? (2003-09-05)
Some say the roadmap is dead, but was it ever alive?
Who is Fighting the US in Iraq? (2004-04-30)
Identifying the enemy in wars and sending the right signals ...
Who is to Blame for the Gaza Violence? (2008-12-31)
And How the Conflict Can Be Resolved
Who protects tyrants and incites wars? (2003-04-06)
We received an article saying that pacifists protect tyrants and incite wars. We comment on it.
Why Did They Die in Iraq? (2003-06-26)
British soldiers were killed in Iraq and the British politicians are asking - Why?
Why Gaza Violence Again and What Next? (2014-07-16)
Why Kerry's Secret Talks Failed and What Will Work
Why London Bombs (2005-07-15)
Understanding the Appalling Vista Syndrome
Why Palestinian State (2012-05-08)
Who Invented the Palestinian State and Why
Why They Hate Islam (2011-07-17)
Is the Spread of Islam Threatening the Western Civilization?
Yemen War Answers (2015-06-08)
Response to Yemen War Questions from a Yemeni Private Person
Yemen War Questions (1) (2015-05-28)
Yemen War Questions from a Yemeni Private Person (1)
Yemen War Questions (2) (2015-06-04)
Yemen War Questions from a Yemeni Private Person (2)
Zionism, anti-Zionism and the State of Israel (2009-03-27)
Is Zionism the Root of the Problem?

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