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Issues in World Government - Education

Articles on Education and 'Social' Issues (sorted by date)
Covid-19 Opportunities (2020-04-04)
Is Covid-19 Disaster or Opportunity?
Error of Judgement (2018-11-21)
Errors of Judgement - Correction and Prevention
Purpose of Sex (2018-08-10)
The Modern Western View of Sex and of its Purpose
BoBMA Discovered (2018-07-24)
The Discovery of the Bottom Baring Method of Argument
Anatomy of the Modern Western Mind (2014-12-16)
The Bible in the Eyes of the Modern Western Man
Faking IS and Altruism (2014-10-09)
IS a psy-op? Ebola a hoax? Altruism fake?
The Gay, the Straight, and the Potty-Trained (2009-10-26)
Early-Age Attractions, the Essence of Sin and Virtue, and the Dialogue of Religions
Prisons - Do They Work? (2004-10-07)
Politicians are talking about prisons, but how do they work, and what are the alternatives ...
Graffiti - Art or Crime? (2004-08-13)
The politicals want to crack down on graffiti ... But what is graffiti?
Understanding the Muslim Hijab (2004-01-18)
Not only the French Government, but most Muslims do not understand the purpose of the hijab ... We consider this issue again ...
What is Sodomized? (2003-07-16)
The meaning of the words "sodomy" and "sodomization" explained.
Sayings of a Modern Crusader and Educating America (2003-05-24)
Comments on a call for a Crusade against the House of Saud and condemnations of Islam ...
Permissive Society and Educating the Educators (2003-05-20)
The French educators want to ban Muslim girls covering their hair at school ...
Can the Iraq War be Stopped Now? (2003-04-01)
How the Iraq war can be stopped now without embarrassing Bush and Blair.
British Children to be Sodomized at School at Taxpayers Expense - Why? (2003-03-19)
The duties of government ... and was Section 28 necessary?
Individual Freedom and the Duty to Educate (2003-02-24)
The dialogue reflecting different views of freedom and morality continues ...
A Dialogue of Civilizations? (2003-02-21)
A dialogue reflecting different views of freedom and morality ...
Homosexuality - Crime, Sin, Mental Illness, Inborn Abnormality or Alternative Lifestyle? (2003-01-08)
Explanation of homosexuality from prime principles - and sex education.
Education - Public or Private? (2002-07-05)
There is much fuss in the media about private tuition, but the real issue is ...
Education - Success or Failure? (2002-04-24)
Tony Blair says that his education policies have been successful. I do not know what are his criteria of success ...
Who Creates Social Problems and Why? (2002-04-17)
'Social problems' are back in fashion! Now, it is the Conservative Party who seek to get hold of that safety buoy ...
Private and Public (2002-02-04)
The arguments about 'public' and 'private' dominated much of the 20th century and there is still no clarity what should be 'public' and what should be 'private' ...

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