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George W. Bush Politics

All the articles on this site relating to George W. Bush politics (sorted alphabetically)
A War on Iraq. Why Now? (2002-11-14)
Bush and Blair are still on course for a war with Iraq. But why now?
Afghan Peace (2021-08-20)
Accidental Peace and How to Make it Last?
Can the Iraq War be Stopped Now? (2003-04-01)
How the Iraq war can be stopped now without embarrassing Bush and Blair.
Freedom - Can Bush Deliver It? (2005-01-24)
Freedom - what is it? And how to deliver it?
From the Bush Speech to the End of Violence, to the Bush Vision (2002-06-25)
How to stop the Middle East violence and to achieve the Bush Vision.
Getting the Job Done in Iraq (2004-06-02)
Completing the Job in Iraq, and Keeping George Bush and Tony Blair in Office.
Good Guys in Bad Company (2004-02-26)
What happens when leaders of great nations fall into bad company?
Governing Iraq and Governing the World (2003-04-10)
With the government of Saddam Hussain destroyed who will govern Iraq and who will govern the World?
How Bush Could Have Resolved the Middle East Crisis (2002-04-07)
President Bush's attempt to stop the Middle East crisis has failed. How could he have succeeded ...
How to Stop Terrorism (2001-10-16)
How George Bush could have stopped terrorism following the events of 11 September 2001.
Is the Saddam Hussain Verdict Just? (2006-11-06)
Resolving the argument about the verdict of Saddam Hussain ... mathematically.
Islamic Trends in US and British Governments (2003-12-22)
Some Islamic trends in US and British government policies ...
Litvinenko - Another Victim of Politics (2006-11-26)
War on Terror and the Litvinenko Affair.
London Bombs, Iraq War and Dr Shipman (2005-07-13)
Do the London bombs make Iraq War less criminal?
Making the Saudi Peace Proposal Work (2002-03-28)
Turning the Saudi Peace Proposal into reality.
Military Intelligence, Political Cunning, Human Stupidity and the Way to Peace in the Middle East (2002-07-25)
How Hamas could make themselves more effective, and resolve the Middle East Conflict.
Negotiations about Talks and Talks about Negotiations (2002-08-12)
The search for peace in the Middle East is continuing, and so is the violence ... Why?
Patterns of Crimes and Politics, and the Way to Victory (2003-03-30)
Behavioural patterns in the War on Terror in Afghanistan and Iraq, and how the US could have won the war.
Questions to World Leaders (2002-05-10)
Text of the World Court of Justice Questionnaire on resolution of the Middle East conflict sent to Bush and Blair.
Osama and Omar Speak Again and Panic Grips London and New York - What Next? (2003-02-13)
With the War on Terror heating up from every side, where will it all take Mankind ...
Solution for the Middle East (2002-03-04)
The upsurge of violence in the Middle East in the wake of the "War on Terror" has prompted politicians to seek solutions to the "Middle East Crisis", but they all ignore the real issue behind the conflict ...
Spinning Another War? (2002-09-06)
Now that Bush and Blair are seeking to sell the World another War, it is time to examine their selling techniques ... .
Spinning a Third War? (2007-11-19)
How the People of the USA Can Make the World a Safer Place.
Stopping Middle East Violence Now and Forever (2002-04-30)
In spite of the crisis drawing world attention from every side, there is still no clear understanding of the reasons for continuation of violence ...
Stopping Terror in 2017 (2017-01-31)
Ending the Global Chaos of the Bush/Obama Years
The Birth of a Palestinian State, as President Bush has Promised (2003-04-04)
Whenever George Bush wants to attack a country he, or his spokesman Tony Blair, say something about a Palestinian State ... But what is this State?
The Dead, the Alive, and the Immortal (2003-03-23)
Will Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussain ever die? And how Bush and Blair can be saved from Eternal Damnation.
The Lessons of Bali (2002-10-15)
Bali - Indonesia - Another big blast and some 200 victims. And the media and the politicals are ..., but what are the real reasons?
Staying the Course in Iraq (2005-07-01)
Is Staying the Course in Iraq the Only Option?
The Middle East Settlement 2005 (2005-01-03)
Is peace in the Middle East still possible ...
The Moscow Theater - a Backstage View (What they did not tell us) (2002-10-31)
The freeing by the Russian Special forces of a few hundred hostages held by a Group of Chechens in a Moscow theater at the cost of over a 100 hostages dead has been in the news for the past few days ... but why did this incident happen? A blue-eyed, fair-haired Russian woman tells us why ...
The New Bush-Blair Plan for the Middle East (2007-07-17)
Is the New Bush-Blair Plan for the Middle East Just Another Dream?
The Obstacles to Peace in the Middle East (2002-04-13)
Politicians and experts, who cannot find the way to peace in the Middle East, are caught in the mesh of their own weaving ...
The Origins and Development of the War on Terror Doctrine and its Future Prospects (2002-09-08)
The War on Terror doctrine was conceived long before 9/11. Who is the architect of that doctrine, and where is it going to lead the World.
The Trial of Saddam Hussain (2003-12-16)
Saddam Hussain has been captured by the Americans and is to be put on trial ...
The War for Peace? (2002-04-21)
Can "War on Terror" bring peace? Yes, it can. But not in the way intended by those who wage it ...
The Way back to Peace (2002-04-09)
What needs to be done to return to peace in the Middle East after the orgy of violence.
Three Years of Wars and Terror - What Next? (2004-09-10)
What will stop the escalating cycle of wars and terror, and when ...
Tony Blair Politics for 2003 (2003-01-05)
Tony Blair politics for 2003 on Iraq, Palestine, and War on Terror used to illustrate the differences between politics and government.
Tyranny, Despotism, Democracy and Rule of Law (2004-11-09)
A look at the current trends in modern government.
US Iraq Opportunity (2004-08-14)
A happy ending to the Iraq War - will the US seize the chance?
WCJ Comments on President Bush's Speech on Resolving the Middle East Conflict - June 24, 2002 (2002-07-01)
Text of the World Court of Justice Comments on the Speech by G.W. Bush on The Middle East Conflict delivered by him on June 24, 2002 at the White House.
WCJ Comments on the Osama bin Laden Message to the American People (November 2002) (2002-12-04)
Osama bin Laden's Message to the American People is one of the most important documents that will affect the life of Mankind in the coming months, years and decades ...
WCJ Comments on the Remarks by G.W. Bush on The Middle East Conflict (2002-06-12)
Text of the World Court of Justice Comments on the Remarks by G.W. Bush on The Middle East Conflict following his meeting with Ariel Sharon on 2002-06-10.
Who Can Stop the War in Palestine (2002-03-30)
The UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan calls on Sharon and Arafat to stop the hostilities. But is he addressing the right people ?

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