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Articles on Brexit (sorted by date)
Saving Brexit (2019-04-09)
How EU Can Save Brexit and UK without Cliff Edge
Legalities of Brexit (2018-12-03)
Legal and Logical Fallacies of the Brexit Saga
Government Errors (2017-08-14)
Errors, Apologies and Government
Amending Article 50? (2016-11-15)
"Why UK Must Amend Article 50 and How
Brexit Judgement Review (2016-11-10)
Brexit High Court Judgement - Right or Wrong?
Cases in the English Legal System (2016-11-10)
The Method of Considering Cases in the English Legal System
Parliamentary Sovereignty and Royal Prerogative (2016-11-10)
Parliamentary Sovereignty, the Royal Prerogative and Referendum 2016
Referendum 2016 (2016-11-10)
Referendum 2016 - Binding or Advisory?
Words in Government (2016-11-10)
Should Referendums be "Advisory" by Default?
Why Article 50? (2016-11-10)
"Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon - Why Wrong?
May's Brexit (2016-10-24)
Turning Brexit Optimism into Certainty
Brexit Why (2016-10-20)
Brexit - the Reasons and the Purpose
Single Market and Brexit (2016-10-15)
EU "Single Market" and "Soft" and "Hard" Brexits
Brexit Negotiations (2016-10-13)
Who Should Have Say in the Brexit Negotiations
Brexit How? (2016-09-16)
Sample Notice to Terminate Membership of the EU
Brexit Deal (2016-09-05)
Brexit Deal and the Life After
Brexit When? (2016-08-18)
The Earliest Date of the UK Leaving the EU
Brexit Mess (2016-08-05)
Brexit Mess - How to Sort It Out
Brexit Uncertainties (2016-07-19)
Brexit Uncertainties and How to Remove Them
Making Sense of Brexit (2016-07-03)
The Practical Consequences of UK Leaving the EU

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