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Issues in World Government

Articles on Women, Marriage and Family (sorted alphabetically)
A Strawman Fallacy (2007-11-18)
An Example of the Strawman Fallacy Argument and of How to Deal with It.
Afghan Peace (2021-08-20)
Accidental Peace and How to Make it Last?
British Children to be Sodomized at School at Taxpayers Expense - Why? (2003-03-19)
The duties of government ... and was Section 28 necessary?
Can Iraq be Kept AIDS-Free? (2004-10-01)
Iraq was one of the few AIDS-free countries in the world ...
Dialog with a Lesbian (2003-03-31)
On female homosexuality and the role of sex in the Human Reproductive Process.
Homosexual Marriages - Modernity or Peak of Absurdity? (2002-11-06)
A closer look at the issue of adoption of children by homosexual couples from prime principles.
Homosexuality - Crime, Sin, Mental Illness, Inborn Abnormality or Alternative Lifestyle? (2003-01-08)
Explanation of homosexuality from prime principles.
Homosexuality among Animals and Humans (2003-10-06)
Some people are seeking the truth about gay animals ...
Jack Straw and the Veil (2006-10-08)
Does Jack Straw know what is good for him?
Paedophilia in Islam (2011-07-22)
The Difference between Paedophilia and Early Marriage
Permissive Society and Educating the Educators (2003-05-20)
The French educators want to ban Muslim girls covering their hair at school ...
Purpose of Sex (2018-08-10)
The Modern Western View of Sex and of its Purpose
Should Men be Animals? (2004-04-15)
On attempts to justify human behaviour by behaviour of animals.
The Four Wives of Mullah Omar and the Plight of the Lonely Wife (2002-10-25)
One of the most "objectionable" features of Islam from the point of view of its critics is "polygamy". But what is ... ?
The Gay, the Straight, and the Potty-Trained (2009-10-26)
Early-Age Attractions, the Essence of Sin and Virtue, and the Dialogue of Religions
The Veil and the Plight of the Unveiled Woman (2002-01-14)
Why do Muslim women cover their heads, faces and bodies?
Understanding Protests (2003-03-28)
Protests - what are they, and when are they justified?
Understanding the Muslim Hijab (2004-01-18)
Not only the French Government, but most Muslims do not understand the purpose of the hijab ... We consider this issue again ...
What is Sodomized? (2003-07-16)
The meaning of the words "sodomy" and "sodomization" explained.
Why Breast Cancer and How to Prevent It? (2004-01-18)
Breast cancer is spreading among the women ... And they are wondering why ...

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